NB 吊天花雙面掛牆架(電視適合32至55吋)最大承重56KG 型號Code:T5520/T590 [產品查詢及安裝前後事項,為保服務質素懇請各貴客前往我們的門市查詢!]

NB 吊天花雙面掛牆架(電視適合32至55吋)最大承重56KG 型號Code:T5520/T590 [產品查詢及安裝前後事項,為保服務質素懇請各貴客前往我們的門市查詢!]

Brand 品牌: NORTH BAYOU 電視架
Product Code貨品號: T5520/T590
In Stock
Price價目: HK$590.00

NB 吊天花雙面掛牆架(電視適合32至55吋)最大承重56KG T5520
Fits Most 32-55'' Flat Panel LED , LCD TVs 

Back to Back TV Ceiling Mount  T5520
Fits most 32-55'' LED, LCD Flat Panel TVs.
VESA: 200x100 ~600x400mm.
Drop length height from 45.2" to 78.7" (1150 to 2000 mm).
Tilt angles: -2°~ +20°.
Horizontal swivel : 360°.
Load capacity : 125lbs (56.8kg).
Material: Aluminium alloy with anodized finish.
Colour: Black or Sliver. 
The T5520 is a rigid TV ceiling mount. The dual aluminium T5520 flat panel TV ceiling mount is a new design with:
-An innovative spring stopper mechanism to overcome drop length height adjustment difficulties. 
-Convenient tilt angle adjustments by means of turning a knob. 
-A 360° horizontal swivel for positioning your screen at the optimal viewing angle. 
Assembly is a simple and straightforward task, with stable results. The T5520 has a drop length from 45.2" to 78.7" (1150-2000mm) and a maximum carry load of 125 lbs (56.8kg) that fits 32" to 55" TV displays. The column contains an integrated cable management system for a clean, neat installation. Furthermore, this product is compactly packaged to save on your shipping and storage costs.

Drop length height setting, by means of push and lift up from 45.2" to 78.7" (1150 to 2000 mm) in 2" (50mm) increments.
Knob to set your desired viewing angle to avoid glare, reflection or awkward angles that cause strain.
Horizontal swivel allows you to view your display from the optimal viewing angle. 
Maximum capacity is 125lbs (56.8kg) and fits flat panel TVs of 32" to 55". 
Integrated cable management system conceals wires in telescopic pole for a neat installation.
Compact packing to save on shipping and storage costs .

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