NB DF-90T 平板傾斜安裝大尺寸屏幕 (適合大多數70"-90"平板顯示) [產品查詢及安裝前後事項,為保服務質素懇請各貴客前往我們的門市查詢!]

NB DF-90T 平板傾斜安裝大尺寸屏幕 (適合大多數70"-90"平板顯示) [產品查詢及安裝前後事項,為保服務質素懇請各貴客前往我們的門市查詢!]

Brand 品牌: NORTH BAYOU 電視架
Product Code貨品號: DF-90T
In Stock
Price價目: HK$580.00

VESA標準:200 * 200,400 * 400,600 * 400,600 * 600,800 *600毫米

傾斜:-5°〜+12 ° 


Model: D90-T
Fits: Most 70"-90" flat panel LED/LCD TVs.

Our D90-T mount is a popular design for consumers wishing to easily install their TV at home by themselves. With a sleek, high-quality powder coated finish, this unit allows for quick installation of an LCD/LED display onto the wall plate. The screen can also be adjusted within the wall plate freely to find an optimal horizontal viewing angle.
This unique tilting wall mount design improves on those in the market that are difficult to adjust. The D90-T allows for the screen to be tilted by gear joint interaction, meaning you only need to tighten the adjustment handle lightly to fix the tilt angle securely.
A unique auto-lock and unlock design allows a single person to install and disassemble their TV very easily. Simply hold the adaptors and hook onto the wall plate until it clicks on. Adaptors will engage and lock the screen onto the wall plate automatically. To remove your TV, simply pull the adaptor straps downward to disengage clips and hold it up. That’s it, no hand tools required so use is safe, easy and convenient.
Fitted with this patented tilt system, screens can be easily adjusted so that just a gentle touch can change the viewing angle without any tools.


Tilt function of the newest design, which allows for tilting by a gear joint interaction.
A single person could install or dismount their TV easily.
Screens can be easily adjusted so that just a gentle touch can change the viewing angle without any tools.​


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